Friday, November 07, 2008

My State Surprises me

I know... All anyone can talk about is the election. I'm pretty excited for the next presidential term, but you can read about that just about anywhere on the 'net. I want to talk about the two Michigan ballot proposals. I was completely blown away that they both passed. And proposal 1- Legalize Medical Marijuana- passed 60% to 40%! It was just completly unexpected that either would pass.

Anyway, enough politics. I'm kinda tired of it now.

No knitting, I've been too busy. Monday was a typical Monday, then Tuesday we voted in the evening and ran some errands, and yesterday I spent most of the evening with my grandparents working on their computer. I installed a PCI Video card and a larger stick of RAM. I only had a couple of minor problems that were easily solved.

I've got another sour dough bread starter going, I'm going to do some more baking this weekend. I think the best decision I made the last time I made bread was to cut one loaf in quarters (short-ways then length-ways) and add butter and garlic powder. Then I froze it in two half-loaves so it could be warmed up in the oven for quick garlic bread. It was so completely awesome the last two weeks when I would make pasta. I'm going to do that again this time, but I am going to put sheets of freezer paper, wax side against the butter, so it doesn't freeze together and it is easier to toast under the broiler. It has got to be better than buying the pre-made frozen garlic bread. I know what the ingredients are in the bread. I may try making garlic butter by melting butter and keeping it warm with a couple crushed cloves of garlic in it. Then I can just brush it on the bread. Oh yum! I wonder what else I can add...

In more baking news, I made the most awesome cupcakes ever, Dolce De Leche Cupcakes. I may be wrong, but I am under the impression that Dolce de Leche is a latin custard like creme brulee, but instead of putting burning sugar on top, the custard is baked on top of a carmel sauce, and once baked is turned over onto a plate. To this end, I started with the Creme Brulee Cupcakes recipe from How to Eat A Cupcake, I did not change the cupcake recipe, only the frosting. I made the Brown Sugar Swiss Meringue Butter Cream Frosting, but after working in the butter I added 1/4 C. of Carmel Ice Cream Syrup. They were PERFECT. The cupcakes in my mind are not super sweet, but the frosting takes care of that. I've never had Dolce de Leche, so I am not sure how it compared to the real thing, but if you like carmel, you'll love the frosting.

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