Monday, October 27, 2008

Stocking Challenge- Days Four, Five, and Six

Day Four- Don't know how many rows I knit, didn't bother to count. I did get nearly done with the leg of the stocking while at the hockey game. More about that later.

Day Five- Finished the leg, and did the heel and heel flap. woo! More hockey on TV!

Day Six- I didn't knit much, but I got all the stitches picked up and a couple of rows done on the gusset.

It's looking quite likely that I'll "win" the challenge. I'm going to try to get the gusset and a couple of inches of the foot done tonight, then it'll be simple knitting from here on out. I'm planning to take some pictures tonight for posting tomorrow. I was pretty busy this weekend with all the errands, baking and cleaning I did.

Okay, so now that business is complete... The hockey game.

We had a lot of fun, except for one annoyance, the girl sitting behind us. For some reason, the set up of sports arenas are such that all you can hear is the people sitting directly behind you. All I could hear is this girl with her annoying little voice yammering on and on and on, about stuff she obviously had no clue about. Knowing this about stadiums, I try to keep my mouth shut at the games, particularly during play, so as to not bother those sitting in front of me. I keep my comments to a minimum, and try to save in depth conversations to the intermissions and commercial breaks. But it was still a  great game, and we got to see some awesome goals. (Hossa is an amazing player! I was worried when we signed him that he wouldn't live up to the $$$ he was being paid. But hooo! He's changed my mind in the last few games!)

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