Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Back, Baby!

And I'm frogging like mad! I started on my Back To School Vest and it was awesome. I chugged my way through 9 FREAKING INCHES of 2x2 ribbing. Then I did most of the bust increases And believe me, that was a learning opportunity. Then I decided to try it on. Yep... I made it too small!! So now, I have to frog the whole thing and start over. I toyed with the idea of just finishing it and giving it away, but then I decided I want it for ME, so I'm going to start over and do it right. Luckily it's a pretty quick thing to knit, I just hate knitting 2x2 ribbing. I love the way it looks, but I don't really like knitting it.

A couple of weeks ago J and I went on a vacation. We spent 7 days away from home and had a great time! Our trip went something like this:
Day 1. Fly to Omaha, NE. Drive to a Target. Pick up supplies. Have Lunch. Drive 6 more hours to Wall, SD.
Day 2. Get up before 8 a.m. Go to Wall Drug. Have breakfast and buy tacky souvenirs. (I love tacky souvenirs.) Drive to the Badlands National Park. Drive through the Badlands National Park. Take Lots of Pictures. Drive to Custer, SD. Go to Rushmore. Drive Back to Custer and find the KOA we're staying at. Go to Crazy Horse. Go back to Custer, and have dinner. Yum, Steak. Go to KOA and go to bed.
Day 3. Get up before 8 a.m. again. Go get breakfast. Drive though part of Custer State Park. Drive 8+ hours across Wyoming and Montana on the way to West Yellowstone. Takes ALL FREAKING DAY. But it's pretty. Lots of cows and ponies.
Day 4. Get up well before 8 a.m. Get breakfast, spend 10 hours driving around Yellowstone, take lots of pictures, walk a bunch too.
Day 5. Get up early again. Spend morning in Yellowstone, see Old Faithful and some other stuff, then go into the Tetons National park. Drive through there. Glaciers are awesome. Yet more picture taking. Drive 3 more hours to get to where-ever our hotel was. I had no idea which way was up at this point.
Day 6. Get up SUPER EARLY because we have a 12 hour drive to get back to Omaha. Drive and Drive and Drive. Then it starts pouring rain! Thanks, Hurricane whom-ever you were!!
Day 7. More rain. Have 4 hours to burn before we have to go to the airport. We go to a mall. It was not a very nice mall. But we spent an hour in a Barnes and Noble. Then we went to a Panera Bread. J read a book, I played Monopoly on The excitement never stops!! Then to the airport for our flight home. God, it was good to sleep in my own bed!

I have made the unilateral decision that our next vacation will be on a beach at a resort, possibly in the Caribbean.

Also, I got Spore. It's pretty awesome. I just need more time to play it! And that time is probably not going to come easily... the first Red Wings Pre-Season game is Wednesday! The day after tomorrow! I can't wait!

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