Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend Work

J and I had a pretty busy weekend. On Saturday we painted the ceiling in the Kitchen. It's not perfect, but it looks much better than it did before. We used a glossier Kitchen and Bath paint, since it is a kitchen and I didn't want steam from cooking to mess up the ceiling. It doesn't help that I dislike flat paints, so overall, I am super happy with the ceiling. It's just white, but it really does brighten up the room.

On Sunday it was more of the same, cleaning, grocery shopping, and getting ready for the coming week. Then we went to visit Grandma and Papa. My cousin had rented Cabelea's Big Game Hunter for the wii, which incidentally, J and I own. (We had asked for the Cabela's fishing game for the wii, but got the hunting one.) It ended up being a pretty big hit. J and my cousin played that for quite awhile, and Papa seemed to enjoy watching. He didn't want to play because it looked too complicated. I didn't play because I was knitting. Yes, I was knitting.

I finished the head of the Lovable Bear, so all I need to do now is the ears, arms, and finishing. I think I'm going to use puffy paint to put the face on, as I am terrible at embroidery. For the arms, since I HATE seaming (yes, because I am terrible at it, and yes, I understand that practice makes perfect, I just don't have the patience to practice on a gift) I am going to pick up some stitches on either side of the body and knit the arms off of there. It will probably be fiddly and annoying to knit with the stuffed body hanging off my needles, but it will be less annoying at the end than having to figure out placement of the arms, then trying to seam them on with the stuffing and then trying to figure out where to tie the loose ends and pull them in the body, etc. etc. etc. No pictures yet, probably sometime this week.

Kitty break!

This was taken with a cell phone camera- not a good picture. But notice the pumpkin on his nose! He was really into the eating.

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