Friday, June 20, 2008

I love the FireFox web browser

What's this? 2 posts in quick succession??? Well, thanks to Firefox and the wonderful add-on ScribeFire, I don't have to go to my actual blog to post. I know, it's silly, but it was always kind of a pain to go to Blogger, sign in, either write or paste my post, post it, check the posted material, then edit it when the line breaks were not in the right place (or had disappeared completely), then post again and double check it. ScribeFire is pretty great for me. It's like I'm writing the post in word (but instead it's a half window over whatever webpage is on Firefox) and saving as I go, but when I'm ready to post, I just have to hit one button. And poof! It's there!

Now, while I do love FireFox, I have not yet upgraded to version 3, which was released yesterday. I'm just not on the internet much during the week at home, and I don't have the necessary permissions to upgrade it on my work computer. Which is just fine with me. Just having FireFox 2 on my work computer make me super-happy. No more IE6! WOO!!

I had a boring, but slightly sad evening last night. My cousin moved his kids across the country, and yesterday was their flight. Everyone misses them already. They are great kids, and we know my cousin is doing the right thing by them. That doesn't mean it's not sad for those of us here. My other cousin, N, has a webcam that we're going to try to get hooked up, and hopefully we can coordinate chats on Holidays and Sundays.

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