Sunday, April 13, 2008

It snowed today

It was just a light, icy snow that didn't stick, but that wasn't any less demoralizing when you're watching the trees bud out and your spring bulbs come up. Now, the sky is clear and bright blue. Lovely, I think.

Photograph 426

Photograph 430

Duke had some more seizures yesterday- one right after the other. The second was really bad and really really scary for me. He's better now, just watchin' the birds.

Photograph 432

I'm working on a hat, but didn't take any pictures yet. I should have it done tonight or tomorrow. It's late in the season for it, but I seem to want to knit more in the spring and fall than in the winter. Weird how that is. I also did some knitting on Hanami. I've only got maybe 10 rows of the pattern done, but it's looks really pretty already. At this rate I think it will take me something like 5 years to get it done.

Photograph 427

This is me and J's current home improvement project. We're replacing the cement pad on our back stoop. J and his dad broke up the concrete on Friday and sometime in the next couple of weeks my cousin will help us do the cement.

Photograph 415

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