Thursday, April 24, 2008

I should have worn my red shoes

Tonight kicks off the second series of the NHL Playoffs. It’s the Detroit Red Wings vs. the Colorado Avalanche. It’s going to be one hell of a night. While the rivalry has cooled, it’s by no means forgotten, especially by the fans. I don’t think anyone can forget the wonder of a 6-on-6 brawl. I mean, really! The goalies at center ice! McCarty and Lemieux bloodied. Kris Draper “avenged”. Is that even allowed to happen in the “New NHL”? Personally, I don’t watch hockey for the fights, I watch it for the skill. It’s a bunch of big guys trying to get a small rubber disk into a net, while either avoiding or taking hits and while ice skating. Nothing gets me out of my chair faster than seeing Pavel Datsyuk split defensemen, or just stop on a dime and make the pass, without even looking. Yes, the hits are exciting and so are the fights, but so is a bang-bang play executed with such precision you’d think there wasn’t an opponent on the ice.

So tonight at 7:30 EST you know where I’ll be- camped out in front of the TV waiting for the puck to drop.

Oh, and I’ll be knitting too. I have a pattern I’m writing, I might even submit it to knitty- who knows! Therefore, no peeking!

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