Monday, March 17, 2008

The Duke Update

Well, DH took Duke to the vet this morning. During the check-up they found he has a heart murmur. They took some blood for testing, and the results came back great. All of his organs are functioning great, which is great to have off my back. Next up DH is going to schedule an ultrasound for his heart to see what’s going on with the murmur. There is a chance of him being on meds for the rest of his life for this heart condition, which will suck. Duke is not the best with taking meds. Why don’t pet pharmaceutical companies make flavored meds, like you can get for kids? Wouldn’t it be easier to squirt a little tuna flavored liquid medication into a dish and have your pet go to town?

Does anyone know if heart murmurs can cause seizures in cats? Also, can heart murmurs just kinda show up in cats? Nothing was mentioned at his annual checkup in December.

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