Thursday, April 19, 2007


I wrote this big long post on Monday, but I never got the time to move my pictures from the camera to my computer. So this is going to be a hybrid of the last post and a new one. Knitting update:

  1. Fetching- COMPLETE. Finished objects photos and post to follow this weekend.
  2. Picovoli- It’s coming a long slowly. I think I’ve only knit 2 or 3 rows on it in the last week and a half. But now that the Fetchings are done I can devote more time to it.
  3. Sheldon 2- Well, he is now “Sigma the Turtle” because I’ve done most of the knitting during Six Sigma training class. I’ve finished the shell parts and have moved on to the main body. Then it will be 4 little feet to knit. I’m thinking he’ll be done in a couple of weeks.
Things to knit:
  1. I’ve got the yarn for my Clapotis. I bought 2 hanks of the KnitPicks Wool/Silk blend dye your own. Now the fun part is deciding what colors I should dye it. Do I go bold and fun, or stay neutral for work? I just don’t know. I did some playing around with different colors of Wilton’s dye mixing and then dyeing 1 yard pieces of yarn from another hank of 100% wool DYO. I got some interesting colors, but nothing that I really want to wear every day.
  2. I also got the yarn (KnitPicks Essential) to knit my version of BMP arm warmers. I’m looking forward to this one. But I need to finish the turtle so I can use my US3 DPNs.
  3. The Stocking Project! I just got the Vogue Stitchionary 3, color work. There should be enough motifs in there for me to knit up the family Christmas stockings for J’s mom. Now I just have to buy the yarn to start on it. I’m thinking of doing the following color combos: Red/Green/White; Blue/White; Red/White; Green/White; Purple/Gold; All red cabled stocking
Birthday Presents! J’s step dad got me the coolest birthday present. He works at Cabela’s and got me the fishing case. It’s got a mesh outside with clear plastic Velcro pockets that are the perfect size for circular and DPN storage. The one he got me has 6 pockets, which is perfect because that’s how many sizes of GOOD knitting needles I have. US10, 8, 7, 4, 3, 1. I have a couple pairs of not-so-good needles in US9 and 15, and some straights that I never use, so I’m not displaying them. As I get more needles I’m going to get another case (the 12 pocket one) and some removable printer labels to keep everything organized, especially after managing to lose a set of Addi Turbos. I'll take some pictures of it tonight and post tomorrow

Mostly I got money for my birthday, so I got yarn and books, a magazine subscription, some new clothes, and a fondue pot. I still have some money to spend, so I’ll probably buy some more yarn tonight and possibly a book or two.

I have tons more to post about, but I’ll do that tomorrow.

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