Thursday, April 26, 2007

Picture day and Knitting Round Up

My new knitting needle storage!

Photo 097

Photo 100

Photo 102

J’s step-dad got me this from Cabela’s, where he works. I think he was really excited to get some something from there that he knew I wouldn’t hate. I seriously love this thing. It fits perfect in my lap-top knitting bag so I am never without the right sized needles, provided that I OWN the right sized knitting needles!

I have my needles sorted by size. I keep all of my needles, circulars and double points, in their original packaging when not in use. These needles are, of course, my “good” needles- Brittany’s, Bryspun’s, Addi’s, I have a few sets of Boye’s that I don’t use often that I am not keeping in there. And actually, I need another one of these, as this one has 6 pockets, and my knitting needle collection has just expanded beyond that.

My knitting projects are still in progress, but I have a new one to add to the side bar.

1. Sheldon 2- I have all of the shell parts complete, and I’ve started on the main body. I haven’t really been working on it much thought.
2. Picovoli- Still going, but slowly. All the cotton hurts my hands if I work too much. I’m getting close to being done with the raglan increases. I’ll be doing more tonight.
3. My new project is a Mini-Clapotis for my Grandma for Christmas. Yeah, I’ve started a Christmas present. But its use is actually two-fold. It’s also practice for my Clapotis. I wasn’t sure what needle size to use, and thanks to this, I’ve decided on US6s. It’s actually pretty fun, and I’m really enjoying it. My Grandma’s is being done in Woodland Sage, it’s solid, so not as nice as a verigated, but I think it’s going to be lovely. I’ve only got one skein, so once I get to the last repeat or two of the straight sections, I’m going to have to put in life lines incase it looks like I will run out of yarn before it’s done. I should have some WIP pictures next week.

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