Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Taking my life back

I have tears in my eyes as I write this. And not sad tears, mind you. I just got off the phone with the admissions office of the school of my choice for my second degree. I feel empowered and like my future is in MY hands, not those of fate. I’m feeling very positive about going back to school, especially to the school I want to go to.

After the announcement that my plant is closing, and that I would be out of a job by the end of year, I really felt like I was stuck. I felt (and still do feel) like my life was out of my hands. J and I were going to get married at the end of this month, in 2008 we were going to buy a new house and discuss the possibility of having a child. Now all these plans are dependant on me finding a new job. We can’t get married until we find out if I am going to be without health insurance, which depends on if I find a job. We can’t buy a new house if I’m unemployed, and I certainly wouldn’t bring a child into the world if we couldn’t afford our mortgage each month.

On to the knitting…

Since the unholy scarf-hat was completed I’ve been working on the baby hat from Patons SWS. It is looking so cute! I’ve been working on it for about a week, which really, I’ve probably knit on it only 4 days out of that week, and I’m almost ready to start the decreases. Yeah, I’m kinda slow when it comes to knitting, and I don’t really have long stretches of time to devote to knitting. I’ll get started at home and Duke will jump in my lap and lay on my yarn so I can’t knit, or I’ll knit on my lunch break at work, which gives me a good half-hour of knitting or so. And even then, I only seem to find the time to knit at lunch one to two days per week. But it’s getting better. I’ve taken some pictures of the hat in progress. I really cannot wait to get this thing done, not because it’s a chore to knit, but because once I finish it, I can start the baby sweater I am designing.

The Duke Update:

Duke is doing well. He’s lost some weight, which isn’t so bad, but he isn’t eating as heartily as he was before. He’s using his litterbox regularly (I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to see him pee) and is sleeping a lot. I’m sure he didn’t get much rest at the vet’s office, and I know he wasn’t eating well there. There was far too much activity going on around his cage (he was out in the open) during the day, so he wasn’t eating until after everyone left. But so far, he is still okay. Much more snuggly than normal… he missed us.

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