Thursday, March 08, 2007

Knit, Knit, Knit!

Well, it’s looking like there is no point in posting the WIP pictures of the Baby Hat. Why would that be? Because I finished the knitting and half of the weaving of ends today! I talked to my “instructor” for Six Sigma and he is allowing me to knit during the lecture portions of the training. I say “instructor” because he’s my friend and a co-worker. There were some surprised looks when I put the all-but-completed hat (I didn’t bring scissors to the class with me) on the table. When I got back to my desk I cut the yarn, pulled it through the live stitches on the end of the I-cord top (I’m doing a hat similar to the “Umbilical Cord Hat” from Stitch and Bitch) and wove that in. I just have to weave in the cast on tail. Then it’s planning the baby sweater, which from now on will be called the “Baby Sweater of Persistence” because it is going to take a LOT of persistence to design and knit this thing. Yes, I said design. Actually, by design, I should say rework a current design, but when the sweater is done, you won’t be able to see the base design in the finished object. I hope.

The Completed Project page for the baby hat will be up later tonight or tomorrow with pictures. Probably tomorrow, because I need good lighting to get the pictures.

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