Thursday, March 22, 2007

General Updates

I know I haven’t updated since the weekend, but really I haven’t had much to say. Things have been pretty boring.

Duke is getting better, he is back to his playful, crazy self. We’ve started taking away his food while we are at work, because of some advice from the knittyboard. Apparently one of the knitters had her vet tell her that when cats always have food available their urine stays a base. If they do not have food available, their urine turns acidic, which helps to dissolve crystals. While I am not sure as to the validity of this claim, it would not hurt Duke to be without food for 8 hours. He always has fresh water available though.

Once I finished the BSofP I tried swatching for some socks. On 2.5mm needles. I think I need to ease down the needles sizes, as opposed to jumping right in. I was having trouble staying motivated on the swatch. So I started another baby hat from the leftovers from the sweater. If my cousin and his fiancée are having a boy I will give it to them.

I’ve been on the job hunt and had one phone interview so far, which is good. I don’t think it went well because I have a feeling that my salary expectations were out of the range for the position. My reason for thinking that is because of the job requirements. They were not requiring a college degree, just a high school diploma, which, in my opinion lowers the amount they are willing to pay. But it’s just a run of the mill admin position that I would like to avoid anyway.

My Yarn Pr0n will be later in the afternoon/ evening tomorrow. The lighting is really bad today, and we are expecting company tonight, so there will be little time for photography.

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