Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Baby Sweater of Persistence in Progress

I have made phenomenal progress on the Baby Sweater of Persistence. I’m doing a bottom-up raglan style, and I’ve got the arms attached and am doing the decreases. But now I’ve reached a point where I am not sure how large the head opening should be and how I should ensure that it will fit over the baby’s head. If at all possible I would like to avoid splitting the back and putting in a button, but I have a feeling that it is going to be unavoidable. But that’s the joy of designing a pattern AND calling it the Sweater of Persistence.

Here’s a taste of the body of the sweater.

Picture 006

I toyed with the idea of submitting the pattern to Knitty.com, but since it’s my first pattern I thought it would be better to post it for free here. So when it’s done I’ll have the pattern available as a PDF linked on the side bar. Pretty awesome, huh? I never thought I would be writing patterns and being this creative.

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  1. Looks cute so far!! Can't wait to see it done! And to try the pattern!