Monday, February 05, 2007

My life is upside down

Ever since Thursday night when I found out that my plant is closing by the end of the year, my life has been upside down. I’ve been cycling between anger, sadness, fear, apathy, and depression. I’ve started a bit of a job search, trying to see the bright side. J and I have talked and we are going to look beyond the Detroit area- far beyond. I have a short list of cities to look at:


But I’m not limiting myself to these cities. I’m pretty much going to look anywhere and every where. It will be harder for me to find a job with few contacts in an area, but I don’t think it will be much easier here, what with the state of the economy.

The good news is that I’m staying positive. I will have help with my resume, cover letter, and it seems like everyone here is looking out for everyone else. But it’s still hard. I don’t think I’m the only one living on Nyquil and Excedrin Migraine. I don’t like the idea of taking this stuff that much, but right now, it’s what I need to keep my sanity and sleep at night.

This is going to be the week of deciding what projects we continue and which ones we abandon. There are going to be a lot of abandoned projects.

One thing that is making this harder is that I do not feel like doing much knitting. I’m still working on the scarf hat, but I really don’t like where it’s going. I might get some US 15 circs and hold a strand of the Knitpicks Suri Dream along with the Sierra that I’m using. I think it will be pretty and fluffy. But I just don’t want to knit. It would make me feel better if I really liked what I was working on. I don’t really like the sierra plain on US11s. I hope I can make it work, because I really love the pattern.

And, I this weekend I took the pictures for Friday's Yarn Pr0n, so I definately won't be missing the next one!

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  1. Move to Phoenix! I'll show you all the hot spots! Actually, ok, this is Phoenix so the entire thing is a hot spot. Literally. The housing market is great down here right now. When everyone else is buried under snow and freezing rain or hurricanes or tornadoes, we're walking around in flip flops and t-shirts!
    (I'm actually the wrong spokesperson for Phoenix, but ah well!)