Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh Captain, My Captain

Last night was a proud night in Detroit. The Captain’s jersey, #19, was raised into the rafters of the Joe. A classier hockey player I have never seen. He managed to be too modest, saying that his talent is overrated. That’s probably the only time that Stevie Y. will ever be booed. Even now, 4 months into the season, I miss seeing him skate the ice. I had never known another captain for the Wings before he retired. It was great to see the “C” on his banner as another distinction as well. There were some great speeches and some not-so-great speeches. The new captain, Niklas Lidstrom gave a great speech, seemingly from memory.

I finished J’s hat, just a simple beanie out of leftover Medium and Light Grey Cascade 220. I love Cascade 220. Most wools feel scratchy to me, but this is actually pretty good. Of course, I can’t say if I’ve ever really worn quality wool. Everything I’ve knit for me has been from wool blends, except the FMB, which is a handbag, and doesn’t really count. Upon finishing J’s hat, I started on a stocking cap for J’s step-dad. I got the pattern from Holiday Knits. It’s pretty much the same hat I knit J, 2x2 ribbed brim with the rest in stockinette. As you can see, Duke decided that he had to help me read my pattern. He’s so helpful all the time! Duke 11 And here he is helping me clean out dresser drawers! He’s just a little guy! Duke 10

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