Monday, January 08, 2007

Knitting Progress Report...

Since I have 2 projects in the works, and no desire to try to have the nifty little progress bars in the side bar (if only for the reason that I would never update them- I have a hard enough time keeping my "WIP List" updated, and it doesn't change that much!!) today is going to be knitting update day! Woo!
Project 1: Stocking Cap for Step-FIL: I'm not even done with the 8 rows of ribbing at the brim. Yeah, I'm taking my sweet time about it. I might even post a picture tonight, if I have time.
Project 2: Scarf-Hat thingie for me: I have about 20 inches knit up of one side of the scarf, including the length of the pockets. Total, including the pockets I should end up with about 40 inches, if I keep going and knit it to pattern. I've already made a few adjustments. The pattern calls for the gauge to be 1.5 sts per inch on size 15 needles. The largest I have is size 11, so I swatched and got 3 sts per inch. So I thought to double the pattern. It's a great idea and was going well, until I noticed the roll. Yep, it's all knit is stockinette stitch. I'm thinking about ripping back and starting over, this time in a ribbed pattern, omitting the pockets. I can't imagine putting my hands in the pockets of my scarf. Just seems a little weird to me, is all. So that's my plan. It's going to be a bit of a goofy rib too, just to keep me from being bored. I'll probably switch over to stockinette for the hat portion. But I am totally loving the KnitPicks Sierra.

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