Monday, January 22, 2007

In poor taste

I wanted to blog this over the weekend, but I never really got the time. On Friday J and I drove to Columbus, OH to see the Detroit Red Wings play the Columbus Blue Jackets. It was supposed to be a great time, J’s birthday, and all. And it was a great time, despite the Wings loss. We did a lot of heckling- admittedly in poor taste, I’m sure- but the arena heckling put anything we could say to SHAME! A quick disclaimer- I am a Red Wings Fan. If these actions had occurred on behalf of the Wings, I would find it to be in the same amount of distaste. So these are the things that happened in the arena- on the screen in the middle of the stadium.

1. Putting an animated black cat walking in front of the opposing team’s goalie multiple times. 2. Showing an opposing teams fan with an animated paper bag over the persons face and playing the Beck song “Loser”. 3. Having pre-recorded “skits” that show someone dressed as a member of the opposing team looking like an idiot.

Is this stuff really necessary? What ever happened to respecting your opposition? The last game I went to at the Joe there was none of this crap. I certainly hope that this is not happening and does not happen in Detroit. In fact, I went so far as to email the Detroit Red Wings via the contact us section of the website to request that they do not do this. Yes, I sometimes have too much time on my hands.

Last night I managed to finish the knitting on the stocking cap of doom. I just need to make either a tassel of a pompom for the top and weave in the starting tail. Then it’s picture time and delivery. I just hope that J’s step-dad likes it.

In other knitting news, once I finish my scarf hat I will be learning mittens. I’ve always wanted to learn, but just never got around to it. Yesterday at my grandma’s my other cousin’s daughter, Mads, asked me:
“Since you knit and I don’t have any mittens that match my coat, can you knit me some mittens?”
Can you ever really say “no” to that? So I will be searching for some suitable superwash pink wool to knit some mittens. It can’t be that hard, can it?

I’m not feeling well today. I nearly passed out this morning. But after laying down for 5 minutes I was feeling well enough to come to work, but I was very close to calling off, at least part of the day.

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