Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Yarn

Bronzed Green Mosaic

I'm sorry today's yarn is so late. Extenuating circumstances I assure you. Today, J, had 2 wisdom teeth out, and I've been spending the day taking care of him. I've got him settled in watching a movie, so I could take my pictures. This is Cascade 220 Bronzed Green Heather (#2446). These were the best photos I could get with the terrible winter lighting. The first picture is the most accurate color-wise, but it doesn't really pick up on the spectrum of color in this yarn. The WIP is the Stocking Cap for J's Step Dad.


  1. Nice composition. Would love the yarn as a cardigan too.

  2. Even if the colors didn't quite come out, I can still tell its a really intersting color. I hate when the sun doesn't play nice on picture days.

    Love the combo of pr0n and WIP.

  3. Lovely! I bet the hat come sout great!