Monday, December 18, 2006

Very little Christmas Cheer

For some reason, this year, I just cannot get into Christmas. And, from everyone I'm talking to, no one else around here can either. I think it might be too little snow (or none at all- no snow on 50 degrees F days) and too much angry drama.
Speaking of angry drama, have you ever just wanted to beat the crap out of someone because they cannot seem to see past their own actions to how the actions are affecting everyone around them?? Yeah. I'm at that point. There is someone in my life that I would like to put in the hospital. I'm not much of an angry violent person, but this person really gets under my skin. Always has, really. And part of it is the people that are being hurt. They, too, are not doing as much as they could to stop it. I understand that they want to protect this person, but there comes a point where you are doing more harm than good, and need to switch over to "tough love". But anger and violence do little good, so I listen to the venting, make suggestions that will never be followed, and try not to get too involved It's sad really.
I have not started J's hat again. Just have not been in the mood to cast on the 100 stitches or so. Maybe tonight, who knows. And I have from Thursday the 21st to January 2nd off work. That's plenty of knitting time. I think I might buy some yarn this week from Knitpicks.
Duke says... "Meh"

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