Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Despite finding very few people in SE Michigan who were in the Christmas Spirit, we had a very good holiday here in the house of Duke. First off we have my mom's cat, Munchkin (affectionately called Mr. Munch or Munchie) wearing the Reindeer Antlers. Munchie is about 12 years old, or older, we can't rightly tell, and is quite the angry old man. Probably because as a youngster I saddled him with a ridiculous name.

Xmas 2006 020
Oh, in case you can't tell, I FINALLY got a new camera. It's pretty sweet. It's the Sony DSC-W70. I absolutely LOVE IT!!! My cousin "Princess" about died of happiness this Christmas. She finally got a PUPPY! (She told me that it was the BEST PRESENT EVER) His name is Shadow and is a Lab mix. He is adorable! He slept for about 45 minutes on J's lap.
Xmas 2006 013
We've nicknamed him "chompy", but I don't think it's going to stick. I had a great day, and my sister even gave me some yarn. I'll photograph it later when there is better light. You can be darned sure that YPF will not be missed for a very long time. Well, as long as I have new yarn to take pictures of!

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