Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Knitting for Attention

I was reading a post on the knittyboard today about compliments. A poster had a gift recipient (of a hand knit item) tell them that the item "looked store bought". Apparently this is not an appropriate response to a hand knit, you are supposed to compliment the fact that it cannot be store bought. To me, as a newish Knitter. (I've only been at this little more than 2 years) having someone tell me that my hand knits look like they were store bought tells me that my knitting looks (albeit to the untrained eye) perfect. No sleeves with different lengths, even gauge, and no noticeable mistakes, and in style. Really, I see that as a good thing. Is it strange that I LIKE it when someone will ask me where I got something that was hand knit? That says to me that #1- my knitting looks GOOD! and #2- I have good taste. It makes me feel good to say "I made it". I like the attention my knitting gets me in public. It's fun having strangers come up and talk to me about what I'm working on, what I've completed, and things that they have made or seen a sister make. Or even just share stories of their country of origin, where it is more common to see women knitting.
Nothing new on the knitting front- Just finishing up a super secret test project. It's fun, and I will post pictures as soon as I am allowed to. I still have a branching out to do. I had all these great ideas of Christmas knitting, and I know I won't be doing any of it. It's going to take all I've got to get the last scarf done by Thanksgiving. And that's with 2 vacation days in addition to the regular holidays. Oh well, it will get done.
Duke the jerk is still being Duke the jerk. Par for the course. He's been more snuggly though, I think he's growing up a bit, but he needs to stay off my knitting patterns when I'm trying to knit!
Oh, and today is voting day! I'll be hitting the polls after work tonight, and then possibly to the Boat Club for some drinks. Should be a good time, and I'll get some knitting done.

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