Monday, November 20, 2006

I am so burned out

I've hardly been knitting. I am not pleased by this at all. But I have vacation time coming up. Tomorrow, in fact. I am so looking forward to this. As it is I feel like my soul is being crushed daily by the mind numbing job I go to.
Really, my job isn't all bad. There are good parts. I really like planning employee events and coordinating lunches and what not. I hate expense reports and charts though. With an unimaginable passion. I don't even like to do my own expense reports! And it's my money! That's really telling.
So instead of working right now, I'm sitting back, enjoying a Pom Pomegranate Black Tea drink, and writing this blog entry. Here is the catch up:
Knitting: Finished the super secret test project. Mailed off and received. I cannot wait for it's unveiling.
Started the Branching Out #3. Contemplating ripping it out and knitting Leisel just to do something different. I'm less than 10 rows into the Branching Out, so it would be no big loss.
Work: meh. I'm just not happy right now. (see above)
Personal life: On Friday J had a dozen roses sent to my work because of how burned out I've been. Then, when I got home, he told me that he made dinner reservations for us at a little local Italian restaurant. It was such a nice evening. Then Saturday was my mom's birthday, so Sunday we had cake at my grandmas house. It was nice until one of my cousins showed up. He is a "taker" and will just take and take and take and never give anything back. And then his girlfriend does not know how to shut up. Just constantly yammering gossip that really, no one needs to hear. But other than that, we had a great time.

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