Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Holy Crap. I Think We're Actually Going to Get Married!

Yep. We're actually starting to plan our wedding and post-wedding party. It won't be a reception because it will not take place the day of the wedding. I really really want to get a Suite for a hockey game and have probably 20 to 30 people (those closest to us) come to the game to celebrate our marriage. I think it would be perfect, personally. It would be "us". Very low key, lots of fun, and well, Hockey! And, in case you're wondering, most of our close family and friends are hockey fans too. J, on the other hand, is thinking he wants a "reception like party" with all of our family and friends. I would somewhat like that, but I have a feeling that it is going to be far too expensive and have far too many people. I'm guessing it would be 200+ people! Add that in with the fact that I don't much like many of my blood relations, and you have a very cranky bride to be, particularly when said bride to be had a plan. A plan that excluded the disliked and included as many of the liked people as possible. But at the same time I could easily get into planning a "reception like party". All the fun DIY stuff like invites, favors, flowers, etc. But that doesn't lessen the cost of food and hall. Which I would expect to be quite pricy, particularly in our area. We have a very small budget for this event and I don't want it to look cheap. Cost Efficient yet Elegant would be perfect. Shoot, Cost Effective and Fun would be even better. I even suggested that we get hitched in the summer and have the party at a metro park, which is not my favorite idea, but WE would make it work. That's right, J. You want the party- you get to be very involved in planning the party. Other updates: Knitting: Still working on that damn pink scarf. I'm about half way done, and about half way to throwing it. Work: yep. I've got a job. Christmas shopping: (oohh, a new feature!) 3 of 7 people are done. We have J's Dad's gift done, and my mom's and dad's are sitting in my shopping cart all ready to check out. Now for my sister, his sister, mom, and step-dad. Those are the difficult ones. The worst part? I am completely and totally dreading the holiday, which is not the norm for me. Maybe this year the holiday let-down won't hit so hard then.

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