Friday, October 06, 2006

Yea! Hockey!

Woo Hoo! Hockey's Back!! Now J and I will be spending regular evenings watching the games with my grandpa. There just isn't much of a better way to spend an evening but comfortably seated on my grandma's couch, a cup of tea, knitting, and hockey! Of course, I LOVE spending time with my grandparents, so that makes it all the better.  It's just not the same watching the game at my house. Last night was the opening game for the Red Wings season, which we watched with my grandpa. The Wings played TERRIBLE! There was no coordination in their plays and they just looked sloppy. Nick Lidstrom is the new Captain, which makes me sad. I miss Stevie Y already!
I didn't get much knitting yesterday, I've already frustrated myself with the Branching Out #1. I tried to work on it on Wednesday, but I was so slammed from work that I could barely think! I had in my mind that there were supposed to be 32 stitches at the end of the 1st repeat row, and kept ripping back my work because I kept getting 31 stitches. I swear I knit that row 8 times! Finally I actually read my pattern and guess what?? Yep, I was supposed to be getting 31 stitches! I ended the night only having 2 rows done over what I had when I got home from work. Yes, I worked for several hours and only got net gain of 2 rows.
I'm going to do some research today on digital cameras. Maybe I can get a used/ refurbished one relatively cheap. Really, whatever I get it going to be the suck in a year or two, so I don't need something that's going to last forever.

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