Monday, October 09, 2006

Well, the house is clean

We spent nearly the entire weekend cleaning.  I hate cleaning. But we cleaned most of the house top-to-bottom, complete with washing walls, organizing closets, and scrubbing floors. We've got one more room to go, which I think we'll do next weekend. Luckily, some stuff did happen this weekend!
Sports: The Detroit Tigers BEAT the NY Yankees. Yes, hell hath frozen over. I'm not much of a baseball fan, but even I know the significance of this, not only for the baseball fans, but for the city of Detroit. We need this just like we needed the Superbowl.
Also, the Red Wings beat the Penguins on Saturday night! It was actually a really good game. The Wings were actually playing this game, not watching the opposition play the game around them.
Knitting: I managed to get 2 repeats of the Branching Out complete on Saturday during the hockey game, which puts me at a total of 3 repeats complete. I'm really moving slowly on this one, I just can't seem to find much time to just sit down and work on it. Hopefully things will be better this week. I shouldn't be so brain-dead from work, so I'll be up to working on it. I think I'll have to start something else between this BO and the next, so that I don't get completely bored with it. Possibly the hat for J. I've been thinking about that one quite a bit lately.
Shopping: One good thing about Super-Cleaning-Weekend was that we got to do some shopping. J wanted a new dish drainer, and I just wanted a break, so Saturday morning we went to IKEA. I love IKEA. We bought these bars for the kitchen with matching baskets and hooks. It looks seriously cool. I'm thinking we'll need to get maybe another bar and a few more baskets, but I love it. We also got some other stuff for the house, and spent less than I thought we would. The one thing we didn't get was the dish drainer, so Sunday we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Where J did get a dish drainer. It was the last one they had, and it looked like it had been opened. But the pieces were there, so we bought it anyway. Then we get home and find that the bottom mat was the wrong one. Bunch of jerks. So I get to return that today. And Duke spilled a bottle of water on my keyboard, which ruined it, and the keyboard I bought was already opened and messed with! Argh. We just couldn't win yesterday.

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