Monday, October 02, 2006

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

Saturday was the baby shower and it was really nice. First thing, and most important, there were NO SILLY GAMES!!!! You have no idea how exited I was to learn this. I hate baby/bridal shower games. HATE! I refuse to play the ones that make you look silly, though I will participate in a word search, crossword, or other game like that. The only game that was played was the Baby Bingo, which, to me, is okay.  The Quigley Sweater (as I am now calling it) was  met with many ooohs and ahhhs, along with the incredulous "You knit!?!?". All in all, it went well.
I want to thank everyone for the great comments on my yarnography. They were much appreciated, and I hope to be back in business with a new camera soon. Though next week will probably be some more from the "archive". As if the few pictures I have can be called an "archive".
On Sunday I went to visit my grandparents, and my cousin was there with his kids. Princess is 9, Buddy is 6, and Angel  is 4. (yes, names have been changed) It was rather amusing, while we were at out grandparents they had little to do with me. But later, when we saw each other at the grocery store, they were all over me! It was so cute, Buddy even came to give me a hug, which is not his typical M.O. Princess is the one I am attempting to teach to knit, though of late she's been too busy doing summer stuff outside to actually sit still for more than 30 seconds. Oh, to be a kid again.
I don't think I've knit a stitch in the last week. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, I don't have anything with a pressing deadline, yet. I just didn't feel up to knitting. Probably tonight I'll sit down and watch some TV and work on something. Maybe I'll start the hat for J. Oh, and J has commissioned me to knit a couple of Branching Out's for 2 of his co-workers. I think I'm going to do one in Silky Wool and the other in Knit Picks Elegance. So Thursday or Friday I will be making a trip to a yarn store, and making a KP order!

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