Thursday, September 14, 2006

Secret Pal Revealed!

My Secret Pal for the Knittyboard SP7 was GANAINM!  She just put up pictures of the last package I sent her,  and I'm very glad I had her as my upstream. I had so much fun trying to find just the right stuff to send her, while still considering the weight/ cost of shipment.  I am so glad you enjoyed everything! I was so scared that I would somehow screw it up and send something completely inappropriate. And Ganainm, I will continue to check out your blog too. Your knits are awesome, the kids are adorable, and you always seem to have something interesting to say. 
The Placket Neck Pullover is still in progress, though I am 2 ROWS from finishing the knitting.  Stupid job, getting in the way of me completing my project! I still have to weave in ends (I need to figure out a way that they will stay put through washer and dryer) and kitchener the underarms. I'm thinking I'm going to go up one needle size to do the bind off, so that it's not too tight. I have a problem with binding off too tight.
I still do not have a camera. I have no idea when we are going to get one, but I hope it isn't too long. I'm going to have to borrow a camera to get pictures of the baby sweater when it's done. I'll probably take pictures of the whole gift together and wrapped too- provided I have a camera to use.
A funny situation has come up, and I've been really thinking about it a lot, and wondering if I am strange. Recently, J, my fiancé, went on vacation without me. He had to opportunity to go on a low cost (to us) adventure with one of his friends out west. They saw many of the national parks in the central/ west part of the country. He was gone for 9 days. I did not bat an eyelash. Yes, I missed him, but I would not have wanted him to pass up to opportunity just because I couldn't go too. (I wasn't invited, nor did I have the vacation time, even had I been invited)  His friend, on the other hand, told me that he is not telling his girlfriend about a side trip he is taking while he is in Germany for 3 weeks. (He's going to the "real" Oktober Fest) Why is he not telling her??? Because she would pitch a fit that he was going with out her. Apparently, from what I have heard (from a very biased source) he is not allowed to have any fun without her around. And, from what I have heard him say, this sounds to be true. Am I just exceptionally not-clingy? Is it strange that I want J and I to have separate hobbies that we share with separate friends?  As it is, we don't seem to have too much to talk about. If we are both experiencing different things, that keeps us interesting to each other, right?

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  1. Lol! You're MY upstream, I'm your downstream :) You'll have it right by the next round I'm sure.

    As to the clingy/non-clingyness of other halves, I would go completely crazy if my husband wanted to go everywhere I did. We both have seperate interests though some overlap, and I think it's good to be able to take short breaks from each other every now and again, if only to remind yourself how much you do care about each other.