Friday, September 22, 2006

Pictures of the Placket Neck Pullover!

I took some crappy photos at work today. The colors are really washed out and not as nice as it is in person. Or I could be overly critical.

Full Shot

Quigley Sweater 1

Neckline Detail
Quigley Sweater- Neckline Detail

The whole gift together. Obviously the hat and sweater are not meant to be worn together.
Quigley Sweater 3


  1. I love the seed stitch detail on it. The color is denimy - no? I have a sweater I can't bear to part with that's endured years of abuse. It's that same color. I need to replicate it. *sigh*

    Welcome to Yarn Pr0n Fridays =)

  2. Lovely job! Lucky little one! :)