Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I hate weddings.

Had to go to a wedding this weekend. Not bad as weddings go, but I still don’t much like weddings. This one was J’s cousin and his new wife. It was a beautiful setting, outdoors with the reception hall just yards away. The bad thing about this wedding was it was in Columbus, OH, during the Ohio State/ Texas game. Someone set up a TV in the parking lot. If you want to watch the game that bad, just skip the wedding. I think it would be ruder to hang out in the parking lot watching TV, than it would be to excuse yourself early to go home.


One good thing about the wedding was the drive. We have to drive about 3 and a half hours from our house to J’s dad’s house, which gave me prime knitting time. I got tons done on the Placket Neck Pullover; I’ve probably got about 20 rows or less to go! I’m pretty excited, this thing has gone so fast- I started it on September 2nd and I should have it done in less than 14 days. That will give me time to knit up a gift bag for it, and possibly embroider a “Q” on that bag. (The Q is for Quigley- the name the father would like to name the boy, and the mom is having none of it. But she would think it was funny because I asked her.)


Tonight I’m here until probably 7 or 7:30pm for some meeting. I get to run the powerpoint!

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