Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Holy Crap... I guess I don't get a break!

I was updating my calendar and I realized that I am going to be busy nearly every weekend the rest of the month. This weekend we have a housewarming and a wedding. And, just to keep things interesting, the wedding is about 3 hours away. The housewarming will be fun though. Then next weekend is the Frankenmuth Oktoberfest. Then we have a free weekend, and the last weekend of the month is my friends baby shower. It's looking like we will be doing a lot of driving this month, which will give me tons of time to work on the Baby Sweater for the shower.  And I've only got maybe 10 more rows on Sleeve #1 to go. So just one more sleeve after that and it will be time to start the hard part.  And I'm so excited about that.
J got home last night!!!!! I managed to get lost in Flint. Not very smart. But I managed to find my way to the airport. I'm sure J was pleased with the phone conversation, as it was a tad bit one sided, and went like this: "I'm lost and I'm scared, and I think I'm by an airport, but I don't know, it looks like an airport, but I'm still not sure, and I don't know where I'm at, this sucks." I managed not to cry though. And when I saw him at the airport, I immediately gave him a huge hug and the car keys. It was rather amusing. He came home with quite the beard, but he had to shave for work. Booo! He looked really cute with the beard. When we got home we went through the presents, and tonight we are going to go through the pictures. I'll plan to post a few of them tomorrow.

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