Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Apples and Italian Food

I love a good apple orchard in the fall. There just something about a cool fall day, walking around and plucking fruit from trees that makes me feel good. I now have a half-bushel of apples sitting on my counter waiting for me to make an Apple Crisp, some pies, and I'm even thinking of canning small portions of apple sauce. But I often think bigger than I will actually go.
We then went to a great Italian restaurant in Erie, MI. It's just a little local place, and it doesn't look like much for the outside. But when you walk in! Crystal and Gilt, Mirrors and Candle-light! It's quite over-the-top, and once, when we were there on a Friday, there were people dancing between the tables! Of course, we were also the youngest people there without our parents, too. But the food is excellent, as is the service. It's a bit pricy for the area, but it's definitely a treat to go there.
And this is the wallpaper from the men's room. How great is that?? (a good friend of mine took the picture for me, as the previous descriptions I've heard certainly did not do it justice)
I did a bit of knitting this weekend, not too much, I spend most of Saturday just lazing around. I'm slowly working on my Christmas Gifts, and I need to place another yarn order to get stuff going for my mom and Aunt. Then I get to start on my knitting for J and me!

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