Tuesday, August 22, 2006

If you think you need a new iron you should probably buy one...

Or- How I nearly burned down my house, again. I'm getting ready to go to the Tigers game tonight. It's a work function for J's company, a company I would very much like to work for. So I'm thinking a nice knee length, summery skirt with a cute full coverage sleeveless top. Super cute shoes as well. The skirt is wrinkled, so I pull out the iron, but I also needed a pair of pants to be ready for tomorrow. I iron the pants first... All goes well. Then the skirt. I'm about half way through the ironing, and suddenly sparks start shooting out of the back! Unplugged, and as soon as it cools down, it's going in the trash. Mind you, this iron is probably 15 years old, the bottom plastic plate broke off nearly a year ago, and we've just been putting off getting a new one. Well, not any more. Just my luck, eh?

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