Thursday, August 31, 2006

I hate computer training.

Right now, I'm in Toronto. Sitting in a training course for payroll software. I am so bored. Not because I'm not interested in the training, but because, as usual, I'm figuring out the material much quicker than everyone else. Story of my life, really. So instead I'm checking 2 email accounts regularly.

I got an email from J today! I'm not exactly sure where he is, but he's having a great time. Apparently they are running ahead of schedule, so they are getting to do some extra stuff. He hasn't told me what he's doing, but he is going to send me the phone number for his hotel room so I can call and talk to him.

I have not done any knitting in the last couple of days. I've brought it with me, but I haven't worked on it. I think I need to get smaller needles for the baby sweater, so I'll be going to the yarn shop this weekend. I really need to get cracking on the sweater. The baby shower is at the end of September, and I really haven't started it. And I think I'm going to change the pattern to have garter stitch edging, instead of the seed stitch. I've decided I HATE seed stitch.

Oh, and the last time I talked to J, our camera broke. Somehow the digital screen, where you look to see what you are taking a picture of, got cracked and no longer works. Guess who's getting a new camera??? :D Any suggestions? I think we're going to have to buy from Best Buy. I would like to stick with the Sony, but thats not absolutely necessary.

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