Tuesday, August 08, 2006

And another project begins...

With the completion of the "terrible iPod case" I've cast on for a baby hat. Thanks to my SP, nederlass, I had the right needles, 2.5mm Addi Natura DPNs, to start the hat. It has got to be the most fussy thing ever, though it's just plain stockinette. I think it's the tiny needles, which I know I'll get used to. I think I'm just nervous about snapping one in half, they seem so delicate! I've only got 4 rows done thus far, but I think it should start going much quicker.
Nothing really exciting is going on. This weekend we have a family reunion to go to at the local state park. Unfortunately, you cannot her the flat voice I'm using to write this, as I am so excited I could fall asleep. I'm actually planning what I can bring with me to keep me occupied during this obligatory event.
Other than that, it's just another week of the same stuff.

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  1. Have you used the Addi Naturas before? I've thought about trying them. Looking forward to seeing the hat.