Tuesday, July 25, 2006

SP Package #2!

Thanks Secret Pal!
Here it is! The box of goodies! We've got the latest Interweave Knits magazine, a lovely card, a cucumber face mask, a photo frame- with picture of The Duke, 2 skeins of lovely multi-colored sock yarn, a beautiful plum cotton yarn (sock yarn?) and some bread toppings from the Netherlands (or do you prefer Holland?). Oh, and how could I forget, a set of Addi 2.5 mm bamboo needles, perfect for sock knitting! Here are some close ups of the yarn...
2006 photos 7 099 This is the cotton yarn. I just love the plum color!
2006 photos 7 100 And this is the sock yarn. The colorway is fantastic, the grey goes fantastically with the purples and reds. It just makes me happy to look at.
I've been carrying around the yarn and magazine since Saturday. And I think I'm going to take the bread toppings to my Grandma and Papa's house this weekend so we can all try it. I know they'll get quite a kick out of it. Thanks again Nederlass! You've really managed to make my day!

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you like it!

    Eek, is that a cat hair of one of my own demons there on the plum colored yarn? I hope Duke The Jerk isn't too territorial.. ;)
    I do not know if it's sock yarn per se, but I loved the almost shiny texture and the vibrant color, so I grabbed two for me as well! Now, hmmm, what to make with it?
    The sock yarn was my absolute favorite in the store. But alas, I am not allowed any more of that. Aren't the colors kick ass? Don't forget to post how they knit up!

    I hope you like the bread stuff. My mom always has a pack of the fruity, multi colored stuff in the house, while I prefer the milk chocolate flakes. And my brother is crazy about the dark sprinkles, and so on! ;)

    I'm starting work on your last package, which will be sent from scenic Kent, WA again. In the mean time, I have some packing and moving to do. You won't believe how busy i've been these past few weeks in the Old Country! I'll be in touch!

    Happy knittin' and have some beers for me. ;)

    Love, MJ