Monday, July 31, 2006

The most annoying chair ever.

I never thought I would be blogging about my work desk chair, but here I am. On Friday we had the office carpets cleaned. I have no idea whose chair I ended up with, but it seems like every time I get up the height adjusts up! I like to have my chair position so the arms fit under the desk. And it’s not staying that way. It’s the weirdest, most annoying thing that I never thought would be a problem. But it makes a clever title.

Branching Out Scarf 2 Branching Out Scarf 1 Branching Out Scarf 3
On Friday I finished Branching Out, and it looks LOVELY! I love this pattern, I love the yarn I used, and I cannot wait to make more. It’s just difficult enough that I have to pay attention all the way through, but it’s easy enough that I’m not constantly frustrated. Not to say I didn’t make a ton of mistakes, because I did quite a bit of tinking back. I probably should have used some lifelines, but it seemed like whenever I thought about it I didn’t have the necessary materials handy. But it doesn’t matter now.

Since I finished my scarf, and I still don’t have the needles I need to continue on Picovoli, I decided to swatch for my next 2 projects. They are both small, the first one is an Ipod case for J. I’m using Madil Eden 100% Bamboo yarn is this gorgeous brown. It’s so soft and silky, and gets even nicer after washing. Though I don’t know if the Bamboo + Addi Turbo needles is such a good combo. I knit a small swatch on Saturday, and threw it in with my delicates on Sunday. I was somewhat concerned as it looked pretty fuzzy and crummy after coming out of the wash, but looking at it today now that it’s dry it looks really good. I started the knitting of the case today at lunch time and have nearly 2 inches of the body done. The 2nd project is a baby hat for my friend who is expecting. I want to do a hat similar to the umbilical cord hat in SnB. Except I have much thinner yarn than what was used on that hat. I’ve got some Dale Baby ULL that I’m going to use, so I am going to use the book that my SP sent me… An Ann Budd book, I don’t remember the name right off the top of my head, but it gives measurements based on the gauge you get, so it’s kind of a “build your own” thing.

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