Monday, July 17, 2006

Heat Wave

I love summer. I hate the oppressive humidity that comes with over 90 degree F. temps in this part of Michigan. I'm several blocks from Lake Erie, and I swear the humidity rolls off the lake in waves! Of course, going further inland doesn't help much either. According to a factoid J likes to quote, you are never more than 6 miles from a body of water in Michigan. Nifty huh? And of course, who wants to knit when its 90 degrees and you only have a window air conditioner? I surely don't! But I managed it. I've got 19 repeats done on Branching Out! Woo! And I bought more yarn for summer knitting.
But the topper of the weekend is: I lost my debit card. It just disappeared. My guess is that I lost it Friday at the gas station. I filled up my tank ($35.00, but that's another story) and went to air up one of my tires (yet another story). I put the debit card in my pocket (did I mention it was raining?) and it must have fallen out when I was hunched down filling my tire.  I didn't notice it was gone until Saturday afternoon when I was at a yarn store in Ann Arbor. Went to pay for my goods and it wasn't in my purse. Feeling anxious, I paid with my credit card (wasn't about to give up the yarn!) and went with my friend back to her house to check my car. Not there. We went inside and I checked my account, where no new charges were showing. At that point I figured it must be at home, so I'll check when I get there. J and I got home late Saturday night, and after turning the house upside down, I called to cancel the card. Still no new charges pending, so apparently I dodged a major bullet. After all the craziness of the Duke illness the last thing I need is another financial burden.
So what yarn did I buy, you ask? 2 skeins of Cascade Sierra and 1 orphan skein of bamboo yarn. I didn't pay much attention to the brand, but I'll give more information when I get home. It is a lovely brown color. I'm going to make J an Ipod cozy with it. The Sierra I bought Navy Blue to make something for my friends soon-to-be baby boy. I'm thinking a cute little sweater since the baby is due in November.  I also bought some needles for my SP. I'm still pulling together that box to send out.

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