Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stormy weather and why I think my neighbors are stupid.

We had some serious storms last night... including a couple of tornados to the south of where I live. And actually, one of the tornado's was sighted near one of J's friends houses (according to the intersection the Weather Channel gave). It was pretty crazy, and today is just sunny as can be, nice and cool, and in short, a beautiful day. Though I was hoping that the storm would dislodge the may-fly population that decided that the north side of my house is a perfect living space. I tend not to agree, but they are so gross I am not about to go evict them.
I hate my neighbors. The house next door to us is a rental property. Which in and of itself is not a bad thing. The bad thing is that I can't stand the people that live there right now. It appears to be a single mom and her 2 teenage sons. Which, normally is not a bad thing, and I do not presume to judge. There are a few good things about them too.
The good:
They don't collect "junk" like the last renters.
They seem to be mostly quiet.
The bad:
They appeared to be burning lumber. Possibly treated lumber. In a firepit. Which, from what I understand is NOT the best thing to be hanging out around. The chemicals and such.
Their dogs bark at me every single time I am in my back yard and the dogs are outside un-supervised. (I don't care if the dogs are outside, but its a boxer and a Chihuahua. Big loud scary bark when you're not expecting it, and annoying yippy bark ALL the time)
We have heard the mom yelling at one of the boys.
Use of gasoline to start a fire by unsupervised teenagers.
Burning of cardboard boxes when they moved in. (I think they just like to set stuff on fire.)
I hate to say it, but I liked it when the house was empty. Though, even if the previous renter had the house looking trashy, he was quiet, respectful, and the only time you ever heard his dogs barking was when a police car or ambulance had its sirens on.
I'm down to 6 rows to go before the armhole shaping on Picovoli. yea! I wanted to knit during the storm last night, but unfortunately, I was cooking dinner while the storm blew out.

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