Friday, June 09, 2006

"Insert Clever Title About Being Busy"

So I've been busy. Really Busy. Like so busy I can't sleep at night because I'm thinking about being busy. But it's a good thing.

The news by topic: Yarn: I got 2 balls of Dale ULL at a garage sale for $3. A white and a pale pink. Very pretty. I have no idea what to make, but I think they will be used for a dying project. Then maybe a small baby item, like a hat or something.

I bought a little yarn for my SP this week, and a little yarn for me. I got this: (Picture to be inserted) Just so I don't completely give myself away as the SP, I won't be posting the yarn I bought her, but I did take pictures. I hope she likes it!

Knitting: I've hardly worked on Picovoli or the Daffodilly scarf at all. I just have not been in the mood for knitting, especially working on something I'm having difficulties with. When I get home from work I just want to lay on the couch and not talk, move, or think.

Job: I started my new position. I am no longer the Quality Bitch. Thank god. But the new position comes with a whole new set of challenges, namely ISO 14001. We had an audit this week, Monday and Tuesday, by our Registrar. Yep, that's right, an audit my first days on the job. But we did pretty well, and I learned a LOT about the ISO 14001 standard and what is expected of us.

My replacement also started on Monday, but I didn't do much to work with her until Wednesday. I did not realize how much work I did, until I had to teach someone else how and what to do. But she is learning quickly, and I think that after another week she'll do fine on her own.

I have spent hardly any time on the knittyboards, which sucks, because I used to spend most of my time on there. Of course, my new desk is more open to having people looking over my shoulder, so I'll really only be able to "hang out" during lunch time. Which is okay, but that was my work knitting time. I'm sure I'll come to a good balance.

Duke the Cat: We've started harness training The Duke to go outside. I do not want him outside unsupervised, but I think he is getting bored being inside all the time. So I just want to have him hang out when J and I are outside, either just sitting on the back steps talking or whatever (knitting, reading, smoking, etc.). The Duke is not really liking the whole "outside" experience. There is too much distraction- SENSORY OVERLOAD!- Cars, dogs, people, birds, wind, just everything is too much for him. Right now, he doesn't stay out long, just a few minutes, and he is getting braver about coming down off the back steps and into the grass. And, my biggest fear is not coming true yet... he is not trying to get outside when we open the door to come in or go out- yet.

***** This post was originally sent on June 9th*****

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