Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm Scared!

My little Duke-wad is one sick kitty. Sunday night he ate most of a lily. For those of you, much like myself, who don't know, Lilies are EXTREMELY toxic to kitties. I don't know about dogs, but for cats it causes kidney failure. We rushed him to the nearest emergency vet clinic, and they got him on an IV to flush his system. Unfortunately, Duke-wad is "cage aggressive". Apparently he spent the night at the emergency clinic growling and hissing. Even the doctor on duty commented on how much calmer he is when J and I are with him. So after the emergency vet visit, the Duke had to go to another clinic to continue the IV. Luckily, J's friends wife is a Vet Tech. (I'll call her VT) We decided that it would be best for Duke to go to the clinic that VT works at. So he is there now, hooked up to an IV, and is still hissing and causing all manners of trouble with the staff. This is quite out of the ordinary behavior for the Duke. He is normally such a sweet and friendly cat who loves to greet new people at home. Thank goodness VT has seen Duke being normal. I don't think anyone would believe me if I told them that he is usually so nice. Anyway, we visited Duke last night, and he was pretty angry, still hissing and the like, but he was much calmer for us. We even managed to get him to eat. I called them again this morning to check up on how he did during the night, and they said he did well. He ate more, and did not vomit, which is important, and he allowed one of the employees to pick him up and take his temp and reconnect his IV. Apparently she didn't know about his recent history and he was okay with that. Also, the vets office said that they are going to check his kidney enzymes tomorrow morning and depending on how they are, we will know if he is going to survive. We're going to go see him again this evening, as soon as J and I get home from work. I really miss having the little guy at home. The way I figure it, Duke is too much of a jerk to die, he just wants to cost us a crap-ton of money to prove to him that we love him. The hardest part is knowing he won't greet me at the door tonight. I really really don't want to lose him.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Duke, I'm sure he'll pull through. Good luck