Monday, May 22, 2006


It was such a long weekend. I don't feel like I got to rest at all. And really, I didn't get much rest.
Friday: BORING! and kind of restful. Watched some bad TV, played some, and drank some beer. Speaking of beer, the raspberry wheat is fermenting nicely. I love the bubbly sound of alcohol production.
Saturday: LAME! Went to a wedding of J's former co-workers. I've always heard that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, so all I am going to talk about is the inability of seemingly most people to properly dress themselves for a church wedding. Please see the numbered examples:
1. Mohawk. In the church. WTF. I know the groom is all punk rock, or whatever, but come on people!
2. Another punk rawk beauty... Cute skirt, paired with a T-shirt and CHRISTMAS TIE.
3. Well dressed woman- nice black skirt, appropriate top, and the $2.99 Old Navy Flip Flops.
What was I wearing that allows me annoyance at the rest of the group? A lovely pink J. Crew strapless, just-below-knee length, kind of vintage style (A line, I think its called?) dress, with tan kitten-heel sandals, and an off-white wrap/scarf thingy because it was kind of cool outside. I was even carrying a matching handbag, and J was wearing a suit. Whatever happened to WANTING to look nice and attractive for a special occasion? I still dress for the family Christmas party, Thanksgiving dinner, and Easter. Even J knows to wear khaki's and a nice shirt/sweater to these occasions- I don't even have to say anything to him, he is well old enough to dress himself.
As for the rest of the wedding- the ceremony was beautiful, short, and touching. The reception- well, lets just say I wish I'd had my knitting.
Sunday: FANTASTIC! Drove to Lansing to visit my friend S, and we went to the E. Lansing Art Fair. It was such a beautiful day, a little cold and windy, but once we got a cup of coffee to carry around it was great. I bought a little something for my Secret Pal, and really really really wanted to buy an $80 tea pot. I restrained myself though. I also found these magnets made with clear decorative stones, the ones typically used in flower arranging. The magnets were just glued on, with a layer of decorative paper or fabric between the magnet and the glass stone. Because the stones are flat on one side, and rounded on the other, it gave a bit of a magnification to the paper underneath. I'm going to buy some stones and make some of my own.
I am really tired today, because of my adventure in Central Michigan. I drove up to Lansing at 10am, and did not get home until after 8pm. I did take one picture during our wanderings, and its a beaut! I'll be showing it off in all of it's Project Spectrum glory tomorrow. (or maybe tonight, if I'm feeling ambitious after grocery shopping)

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