Thursday, May 11, 2006

Situations change, but people don't.

I'm feeling pretty down today. My sister is going through some problems, that I don't really care to broadcast right now. But it's really making me think and bringing me down. Of course, the rain and PMS don't help much with that either. But things will get better. I'm not dealing with the problem directly, I'm just the stable shoulder to cry on. It can be quite difficult at times, but it's the only help I can really offer to those directly faced with my sisters selfishness.
I posted some pics to the Project Spectrum Pool, not all of the green pics I take make it into the pool, since so many people take such wonderful pics. I really should take a photography course. Not for a degree or anything, just to learn about lighting, lining up the picture, and how to correctly use the digital camera.
Nothing really exciting is going on. They are interviewing to fill my current position, so I can move on to my next assignment. It's kinda weird calling the candidates to set up the interviews, but in a funny way. I'm so afraid they are going to ask me questions, that I don't want to answer.
J has to do his 2 day operations training today and tomorrow. His company believe that everyone at the corporate level needs to know where the money is coming from, so they all have to work in the store for 2 days. It's actually a great idea, and I wish more companies put it into practice.

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  1. Your sister's lucky to have you to be there for her.

    And yes, this rain is making moods quite....blah!