Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Project!

I started Picovoli last night. Technically, I started it Sunday night- cast on and ripped out twice. Thus far I'm not really a fan of the provisional cast on, but apparently the third time is the charm. I'm only two rows in, and I'm going to see how long I can go on the 16 inch addis. I hope the minty dental floss (which is all I had on hand) isn't bad for the yarn. I'm using KnitPicks Shine in Blush. It's very pink and I love it. Compared to the US 8s I've been using these feel so TINY. I'm afraid that by the time I finish it the summer will be over and I won't be able to show it off.
I'm still tired. Very very tired. Last night was grocery shopping, since I did not go Sunday. Then I cooked dinner.... well actually, I started dinner, found out that my cream was bad, went shopping, finished dinner, and then just watched stupid TV. Then J want to play "God of War" on the Playstation, so I relinquished control of the TV to him and cast on Picovoli for the 3rd time (which I just talked about above). In the midst of all this, I did not get time to upload any photos, which is just as well, since I want to take pictures of the start of my new project. Tonight I will be spending a lot of time on the computer, so it will be the perfect time to get more pics up.
Well, time to work on ISO 14001! WOO!


  1. Good luck with your Picovoli! I'm sure you'll do fine after you get the hang of the yarn and the needles.

    Sorry to hear the wedding was so-so.
    It bugs me too when people just don't seem to want to make an effort to dress up nicely. It's a WEDDING fer chrissakes!
    They'll look at the wedding pics years later and go "What on EARTH was I thinking wearing those flipflops?!"
    At least you looked smart. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Keep us posted on Picovli's progress - It is one of my next projects (though I think i'm going to do the version without the picot edging)