Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Knittyboard SP7!!

I signed up for the Knittyboard SP7, and today we got our matches. I'm so excited, yet scared. I don't want to make a SP faux pas. I think it will be fine though. I have such great ideas of things to send. It's really going to be fun.
Things have evened out in my life. My sis is doing whatever, and I don't really care. I hope things can be fixed in her life, but I'm not holding my breath. My cousin is also going through a rough time, needs treatment, but is refusing to get it. I'm not even supposed to know that he is going through a rough patch, but I do, and I'm not going to let on that I do know.
My 8 year old cousin is still interested in knitting. I'm going buy her some yarn and needles that she can keep at our grandma's house so we can knit together. Actually, I'll probably buy several skeins of yarn and a few sets of needles, in case anyone else wants to learn.
Today my grandpa has a doctor's appointment for testing to make sure his cancer is still gone. I've got my finger crossed.
And it looks like J and I will be brewing up a batch of Raspberry Wheat Beer tonight! Yea! Hopefully this one will ferment a little faster than the last one. Though the last batch (which I am calling generic "beer" since we didn't name it) was FANTASTICAL! I wish we had more than what we brewed. 
We finally got a semi-sunny day today! At lunch time I sat outside and finished up Phase 3 on Project Finished School. Now, its on to Phase 4, which will just take and evening, blocking and drying, and it will be ready for its blog debut! In fact, I think, provided the weather permits, I'll take some pre-blocking pictures tonight. The graduation party is in June, so I'm running right on schedule- especially since I initially thought I had until July! Other than that I still need the addi's for Picovoli, and the Daffodilly Rib Scarf is coming along slowly. That's my "cover" project for knitting around my family, so I don't work on the PFS and have the secret spoiled, so I'm not devoting a lot of time to it.

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  1. Hi April,

    Have a lookie here:!
    Your very own SP bloggy!

    So, there's something I'm not getting: What's this Project Finished School all about?

    Hope your grandpa is doing alright!

    Well, see you on (y)our blog,
    Love, your SP