Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Busy Busy Busy Bee

It was such a busy weekend! I don't even remember the last time I updated here. So here are the basics:
1. Project Finished School is DONE! I just need to wrap it up and it's all ready for it's recipient! It turned out WONDERFUL! Once the gift is given I'll post the pictures.
2. Started Picovoli for the 4th time. I made it to the row of picot eyelets (k2tog, YO) and started getting angry on Thursday. I have not touched it since then. I think that makes me 4 rows in. I'm going to give it another shot tonight. I just hope I don't have to frog again!
3. The daffodilly scarf is coming along. I mostly just work on it during lunch time or when stopped at railroad crossings.
4. Yay Memorial Day Weekend! We spent Friday and Saturday cleaning the house and getting the yard taken care of so that we could have friends over on Sunday to cook out. Everything looked great. We bought a patio table at Target, which was amusing in and of itself. We couldn't get it to fit in J's car! So I had to wait at Target for him to go get my car, which it slid right in the hatch of my car, no problem, with room to spare.
Sunday was lovely, we cooked chicken and asparagus on the grill, had a salad, and I made brownies with dried cherries. Lots of beer, but no one got drunk. It was a fantastic time.
5. My replacement may or may not be starting the week of the 5th, but that means my time in Quality is limited. I cannot wait to move on to my new assignment. It will be difficult as I don't know much about ISO 14001 and my first week there should be an audit by our registrar company. Lovely. I'm sure it will go just fine.
6. Pictures. I have them uploaded in Flickr. I just need to take 15 minutes to put them on blogger. I will. I promise. Soon!
7. I'm still getting my package ready for my SP from the knittyboard SP7. I hope that it will ship out by June 10th.

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