Monday, May 08, 2006

And finally, something to talk about!

It was a busy, boring week after my last post. The Weekend was slightly more interesting. Here's a quick rundown...
Friday: Met up with Jenn and her husband Friday night. We went to a restaurant in Ypsilanti that was rated one of the Top 20 burgers in the country by GQ magazine (I think it was GQ, anyway). And the burgers were good! And, being adventurous, we had the Beer Battered Deep Fried Pickles. Yeah, sounds gross, but they were quite the delicacy.
Saturday: The day of the in-laws. J and his dad recessed our medicine chest over the sink, then cut some dead limbs out of the willow tree. In the evening his mom and step-dad came over for dinner. (BBQ chicken pizza, Chicken Alfredo Pizza with spinach, and caesar salad- it was GOOD) Then we played some poker, and drank some beer. I got pretty buzzed on 2 of J's homebrews. Which was pretty rare because I can hardly drink one beer most nights.
Sunday: Planned on doing NOTHING. Started off well by not going grocery shopping and watching tv and knitting, then taking a nap with Duke on the couch. Then my mom called and I decided that I would go to my grandma's to see my cousin's kids, then do the grocery shopping. The kids were so adorable. I taught N, the 8 year old how to do the knit stitch, and she picked it up pretty quickly. Her brother, A, who is 6, wanted to learn too, so I sat him in my lap and guided his hands. It was really, really nice. N wants to make a scarf, and I said I would help her.
I have about 13 rows to go on Phase 2 of Project Finished School. Hopefully I'll have that done by the end of the week. And I think I've got at least a foot of the daffodilly scarf done.
Project Spectrum will have a few more photos uploaded because I dyed some yarn this weekend. I skein of green, one of blue. Now, just to figure out what to knit. Maybe I'll make J a hat with the blue.

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