Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Where to start?

So much has happened so I'll start with the knitting.
1. Grandma's scarf. Finished and delivered. It matches the vest she wanted to wear it with perfectly!
2. New YARN! I got the yarn to start project "finished school". It's a gift for my cousin for her high school graduation. She knows my blog address, but I don't know if she reads it. These are the colors though. It's Cascade 220 in citron and turquoise.
Next up is the job. I bid on an open position in our plant. ______ is mad at me for it. Yeah, how great is that? You would think that someone in his position would be above petty, passive-aggressive bs. But no, if this gets much worse, I'm going to have to call him on it. And I know it won't be good. Hopefully he will just get over it. But the good thing is that I have a really good chance of getting the new position, and hopefully I can talk them into more money. But I'm not counting on the money.
Also, another company should be posting another job soon, that I will likely be considered for. Whatever happens, I hope it happens soon. I'm tired of feeling like a HUGE ball of anxiety.
Okay, now on to the weekend. I don't think that J and I will be going to the Olive Garden in Toledo ever again. It was such a crummy experience. We went for lunch on Saturday. It was about 2 in the afternoon, and I swear the best part of the meal was the chick who held the door for us. Seriously! The hostess was abrupt and rushed, she sat us at the worst table (right next to the waitress station) and the waitress was terrible. The food was just so-so. I think I got spoiled eating at Eduardo's Foxtown Grille and the Blue Nile. Guess I'll just have to increase the eating out budget to cover my new expensive tastes.
Then J and I went and got some new fish for his tank, and then we went to my LYS for the cascade 220 mentioned above. It was a really nice day.
So we're back to today. It's my birthday! J and I are going to a restaurant in Erie called "the Northwood Villa". I can't wait! It has me in such a good mood that even _____ can't get me down.

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