Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Week of Hell

Even though my birthday was last week, it was still the week of hell. The only good day was my birthday, and that was only because it was my birthday and I didn't let the negativity ruin it. A quick run-down of events:
Wednesday: Hit 2 birds with my car on my way to work. Was completely horrified. The day did not get better, as you-know-who was still ticked off about my bid.
Thursday: Audit for our Quality Management System. Extremely stressful, but I did well enough on my part to gain acknowledgement from you-know-who, the plant manager, and the auditor. Yea. Then I got a call looking for a certain document, that I didn't know where to find. Not yea... Then I bought an iPod and felt sick all night and the rest of the morning. Oh and I almost forgot, I also got "lectured" in email for requesting a half day off for when we were having an audit... never mind the fact that the 1/2 day was necessary, and not just off on a lark. But I got my iPod and I love it.
Friday: Half day off work to take J to the doctor. He didn't think he would be able to see properly to drive home so I had to be there. Felt sick all morning, worked on Project Finished School, and went to work in the afternoon. We had the closing meeting for the audit, which went very well, so my anxiety disappeared.  Went home and chilled out with J, watched the hockey game...omg, I just had a great idea- I need to look up the tutorial on making charts out of digital images. I want to make my grandpa a scarf with the Detroit Red Wings Logo on it. That can be my Christmas gift to him.. BRILLIANT!
Saturday: J's dad came over with his girlfriend and puppy. The puppy was supposedly a Beagle/ Sheltie mix, but its looking like its going to be MUCH bigger than a beagle or sheltie. Murphy kept barking at Duke and Duke was NOT happy. I'm surprised he didn't pee in our shoes.
Sunday: My grandparents made me a birthday cake. YUM!
Monday: Nothing really new. Tomorrow I will post the saga of the un-balanced wheels.

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