Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Project Spectrum- April

I uploaded some pictures of flowers that are currently blooming for project spectrum. I've added these, and a few others to the flickr group. Check them out here if you are so inclined.

The daffodils were picked at my grandma's house on Sunday. They still look beautiful, if a little ragged.
The tulips bloomed sometime between today and Sunday, which was a surprise. I thought they had closer to a week! As you can see, they are also a bit past their prime.
Then the bush is a "burning bush" which blooms yellow in the spring, has green leaves, and then turns orange/red in the fall. It's really quite pretty. I wasn't really expecting it, and when I walked out the front door, I saw it and had to take a picture. Just another perfect accident for Project Spectrum.
Hopefully this weekend we'll have my first try at hand-dyed yarn, as my Knit Picks order came today!

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